Don't Settle for Flavorless Food

Choose our gunpowder seasoning for an explosion of flavor

Want to try new seasonings to spice up your family's meals? Sure Shot Sids sells a variety of seasonings designed to improve every dish. Our seasoning will make your steak taste the way you dreamed a steak should taste: delicious! You can also add our seasonings to popcorn, burgers and vegetables. You'll love the bold flavors imparted by our seasonings.

The last thing you want to serve your family is under-seasoned food. Visit the Shop Now page to place an order.

Transform your meals with our bold flavors designed to improve any dish!

Original Gunpowder Seasoning - Our most popular product --- where it all started! This "must have" seasoning is the perfect compliment for steaks, burgers, veggies, popcorn, scrambled eggs, cottage cheese - EVERYTHING!

Available in 5.5 oz or 28 oz.

Bacon Gunpowder - Everything is better with bacon, right?!? This seasoning highlights that smokey bacon flavor and is perfect on chicken, salads, eggs, vegetables and more.

Available in 4.75 oz or 20 oz.

Coffee Gunpowder - Our original seasoning with the earthiness of coffee. Impeccable on brisket or any type of beef.

Available in 4.5 oz or 20 oz.

Chipotle Pepper - Spice it up with the smokey heat of chipotle pepper. Great by itself, or as an addition to any rub to take the level of heat to the next notch!

Available in 5 oz or 24 oz.

Lime Pepper - Unique tang of lime which is perfect on fish, chicken, popcorn, pretzels and so much more!

Available in 4.7 oz or 24 oz.

Lemon Pepper - If you are looking for a bold lemon pepper, this one is it! Great in a variety of dishes!

Available in 5 oz or 24 oz.